Sample Data



Multisample BAM QC

  • gh2ax_chip_seq.zip

    Example dataset from an unpublished ChiP-seq experiment with 4 condtions, each having 3 replicates (12 sampels in total). The archive contains BAM QC results for each sample and input configurations (normal: input.txt, with marked conditions: input.with_groups.txt) for command line version of Multisample BAM QC.

Counts QC


Sample Output


Analysis of the WG-seq data (HG00096.chrom20.bam): QualiMap HTML report.

Analysis of the WG-seq data (ERR089819.bam): QualiMap PDF report.

RNA-seq QC

Analysis of RNA-seq data (kidney.bam, human.64.gtf): QualiMap HTML report.

Multisample BAM QC

Multisample analysis of 12 gH2AX ChiP-seq alignments: Qualimap HTML report.

Multisample analysis of the same data with condition assigned for each sample: Qualimap HTML report.

Counts QC

Counts QC HTML reports computed from RNA-seq experiment analyzing influence of D-Glucosamine on mice. The analysis was performed for 6 samples in 2 conditions - GlcN positive and negative (mouse_counts_ensembl.txt):

Counts QC HTML reports from human RNA-seq data from study by Marioni JC et al (kidney.counts, liver.counts):


Analysis of MeDIP-seq data: QualiMap HTML report.